5 Reasons Why Your NGO Needs To Be A VIP Host Organisation Now!

Do you a run an NGO or social enterprise in ASEAN? If yes, then this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. The Volunteering for International Professionals Fellowship is looking for Host Organisations to help host five volunteering professionals for four months in ASEAN, and your NGO could be next to receive all the five perks listed below!  

1. You get to attend free trainings from ASEAN thought leaders.

How does being in a small crowd gathering with a Forbes 30 under 30 member sound? What about having dinner with some of the brightest minds in social entrepreneurship?

As a host organisation you will gain access to all public and private trainings designed to solely help you find new methods to grow your impact.  

2. Get exclusive access to the Incitement Non-Profit Tool Kit

Over the years, the team in Incitement has designed an internal toolkit through trial and error from running a good dozen different social impact initiatives and subsidiary NGOs. The entire knowledge base is the cumulative experience of every mind that has ever worked in Incitement. Think of it like a secret Wikipedia, but dedicated solely to reshaping communities around you for the better.

And you, could have full unrestricted access to it, so long as your NGO or social enterprise applies and get selected as a Host Organisation!  

3. Learn from and work with 5 volunteering professionals

The entire point of VIP is to bring together foreign and local professionals to share their knowledge and expertise with NGOs and social enterprises like yours.

As a host organisation you will be hosting these five professionals who each have
at least 5 years worth of professional working experience, and they’re all vetted personally by the Ministry of Finance to ensure that we’re only flying in the best for you.

Their flights, accommodation and visa fees are all covered by us, you just need to worry about how to put them to work and how to make sure they get the most out of their time with your organisation!  

4. Develop and implement an entirely new project!

Look, your team is probably doing great things already; but what if you could do more? What if your VIP fellows came together to work with you to build an entirely new project? Remember that crazy idea you always wanted to do but just didn’t have enough support?

Well, we got you covered, if you want to start a new project, we will be behind you to start one by providing all the above support plus direct access into Incitement’s project laundpad protocols that will help you know what priorities to look at plus solutions to hundreds of known obstacles. Let’s go break into some new domains!  

5. Receive a RM10,000 cash grant!

Oh yeah you don’t just get to start a new project, we’ll be funding you to do so! There is a RM10,000 cash grant for all host organisations who pass selection to help each and everyone of you to scale and achieve maximum impact.

Have you signed up as a Host Organisation yet? Quickly go to http://vip.org.my/apply now to sign up, slots are very limited and they’re closing up the applications super soon (31st of May) !

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