Host Organisation application formHost Organisation application form

Hello there,

Welcome to the application form for becoming a Host Organisation for the VIP 2017 Programme. This is a programme by the Malaysian Ministry of Finance.

By filling up this form you have the potential to become a Host Organisation. As a Host Organisation in the VIP Programme you will get a MYR 10,000 grant to help you launch an Impact Project of your choice and 5 full-time professional volunteers to help you with implement it. No worries – we’ll pay for their visas, flights, accommodation, and allowance, your role as a Host Organisation is to ensure their knowledge and expertise is used for the implementation of your Impact Project.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Filling up this application form will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Let’s get started, shall we?!

Terms and Condition

Please read the Terms and Conditions of VIP carefully before submitting your online application. By submitting your application, you certify that you agree to the following VIP Terms and Conditions:


The Host Organisation must identify a meaningful and relevant project for five (5) VIP Fellows assigned by the VIP Secretariat to work on from beginning to end in the duration of four (4) months. The Host Organisation agrees that, at all time, each VIP Fellow shall be reporting directly to the VIP Secretariat and their role in the Host Organisation is as a volunteer and not a staff of the Host Organisation.

Application Process

Application for becoming a Host Organisation for VIP Programme have to be submitted via an online application system. All information requested must be written in English and all mandatory questions have to be answered.

Focal Point

The Host Organisation is required to assign a dedicated Manager/Mentor in its organisation for the five (5) VIP Fellows who will be the focal point between the VIP Secretariat and the VIP Fellows for the duration of four (4) months.

Grant Remittance

An amount of MYR10,000 will be transferred to the selected Host Organisation’s bank account. All fees relating to the transfer will be charged to the receiver.

DISCLAIMER: VIP Secretariat is not responsible for any bank charges incurred when transferring the grant money to the Host Organisations. If there are any bank charges incurred by the bank holder of the respective Host Organisations, the Host Organisations is responsible for it.

Privacy Policy

VIP collects personal information through an application form on its website and via direct communications with Host Organisations. VIP respects and protects the privacy of website users and any personal information collected is used solely for the reasons it was given. Personal information is only used by VIP and our local teams for the purpose of providing support. VIP does not provide personal information obtained through it’s website to other third parties unless written permission is given.

Although best precaution is being taken, VIP does not guarantee that website visitors will have uninterrupted or error-free access to, and use of website. VIP does not guarantee that any files that are able to be downloaded are error-free and free from viruses or other defects. All website users need to rely on their own judgement in relation to the accuracy, completeness and suitability of all content on the VIP website.

* Required

Section A: Getting to know your organisation

Contact Person

In order to participate in the VIP Programme as a Host Organisation, you will need to be able to demonstrate that your organisation has the capacity to host and supervise 5 full-time professional volunteers. Ideally your organisation would appoint a dedicated Project Manager for this.
For the following few questions, please submit the details for this Project Manager. If this Project Manager is you, then you can fill up your own details.

Section B: Getting to know about your impact project idea

As you know, the VIP Programme is about helping your organisation design and launch an Impact Project. You will receive MYR10,000 for this and 5 full-time professional volunteers to help you with design and implement the project framework. All we ask in return from you as a potential Host Organisation is that you have an impactful project that you can work on together with the volunteers. We would love to hear a little bit more about the Impact Project you have in mind, so the following questions will be about that.

Description: Use bullet points and limit this section to 300 words. Summarise:

  • The key problems that the project aims to address
  • Any extra information needed to make the link between the project purpose and the programme’s impact areas
  • The timeliness of this project – why is now a good time to be doing this?
  • Any relevant legal or technical issues or political constraints
  • Relevant work already conducted in this area, including those by other donors
  • Coordination with others working in this field that has taken place in respect of this project

Description: It should mainly focus on only ONE impact area although it might cut across other impact areas

Description: Immediate outcome or direct change or benefit that the project will achieve. It should be achievable by the project alone, and should not be a higher level objective to which the project can only contribute. The outputs and activities described in the project proposal should be sufficient to achieve the project purpose.

Description: The quantitative and qualitative deliverables or results of the project activities. These should be sufficient to deliver the project purpose. Number your outputs.

If the project involves multiple locations or area, please list them out.

Section C: Fellows and evaluation of objectives

In this section, we would like to know how does your organisation plan to measure whether the project objectives has been achieved. The objective indicators should be a statement of what you would expect to be different after the project.

Description: What you would expect to see if the project successfully achieves what is stated in the project purpose: e.g. What will be different? What will you see more of? What will you see when this has happened?

Description: What you would expect to see if project activities successfully deliver the results described by the outputs (e.g. What would be in place? What tangible things would we have? How many people would be involved? To what standard would something have been delivered?).

Section D: What will happen during and after this programme

In this section, we would like to know how does your organisation plan to measure whether the project objectives has been achieved. The objective indicators should be a statement of what you would expect to be different after the project.

Description: Limited to 200 words. Outline the activities planned to deliver the outputs stated above, including estimated timing, duration, and sequence of implementation.

Description: This should include measures taken to ensure that the project does not remain dependent on VIP Programme

Description: State the expected wider or longer-term effect or contribution to a higher-level objective if the project purpose is achieved.

Thank you for your application.

We will carefully consider your application during the initial screening and will contact you if you are selected to continue in the application process.

We wish you every success.

Thank you again for your application!