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50 Fellows. 10 NGOs. 4 months. 1 mission.

Build up ASEAN’s nonprofit ecosystem & create social impact

You have the opportunity to join the 3rd batch of VIP Fellows & put your experience and skills into practice to help an ASEAN nonprofit organisation amplify its impact. Based on your skillset and experience you will be assigned to a nonprofit organisation in South East Asia and spend 4-months together with 4 other international Fellows to develop and implement a social impact framework. Do you think you have what it takes?

Experience Asia

Stay in South East Asia for 4-months with a group of likeminded professional volunteers.

Work on meaningful projects

Work with ASEAN’s leading nonprofits & put your skills to use for those in need.

Fully paid program

Your job is to create serious social impact. We’ll take care of everything else for you.

VIP Fellow Alumni

More than 100+ global volunteering professionals have gone before you

This is the 3rd year of the VIP Programme. Whereas the first 2 years the programme focused on Malaysian organisations, but this year, due to high demand, registrations are open to the entire ASEAN region. See some of the previous Fellows who have experienced the VIP Programme before you.

Timothy John Eirian Entwistle


Gabriela Anayancy Aparicio Chavez


Wan Hannah Hanim Wan Mohamad


Joshua Panneer Selvam


Important dates for Fellows

Everything you need to know about the VIP Programme as a Fellow

16 June – 16 July 2018

Deadline for online submission of application of Fellows

Submit your application before 16 July if you want to participate in the VIP Programme. You can start your application here.
21 July – 30 July 2018

Interviewing and matching

You will receive an invitation for a Skype interview. After that we’ll match you with a Host that is looking for your specific skillset and experience.
21 July 2018

Announcement of successful candidates

If you made it through the application process you will receive an official invitation letter on behalf of the Malaysian government, and the VIP Team will get in touch with you to arrange your visa, flight, stay, etc
19 August – 20 August 2018

Arrival in Malaysia

You are expected to arrive in Malaysia on 19 or 20 August. We’ll arrange your pickup from the airport and bring you to your hotel.
21 August – 25 August 2018

Induction workshop

The first week you will receive hands-on training together with all the other Fellows and you’ll meet your Host Organisation as well.
23 August 2018

Launching ceremony

Together we’ll kick off VIP 2018 at the Ministry of Finance (prepare to celebrate!).
28 August – 15 December 2018

Placement and impact projects

Your placement at your Host Organisation starts. You will either stay in Malaysia or another South East Asian country for 4 months.
16 October – 22 October 2018

Midterm review

The VIP Team is here for you 24/7 throughout the programme. And we’ll come to visit you for a mid-term review late October.
11 December 2018

Submission of final report

After your placement, you and your group of Fellows will submit detailed Impact Report to the VIP Team detailing your project and its impact.
14 December – 15 December 2018

Final presentation and closing

You and your group will present your project, its development, implementation, and impact to all VIP Fellows and the Malaysian government.
16 December 2018 onwards

VIP alumni network

You will be added to the VIP Alumni group so we can stay in touch.

An experience of a lifetime for professional volunteers

What previous Fellows said about their experience at VIP

  • GABRIELA ANAYANCY APARICIO CHAVEZ International Fellow, Project 1 - Xtreme Academy

    "VIP has helped me to treasure professionalism and commitment. It was hard to stay strong since the conditions were very different from what I am used to, but I am proud to say I not only endured and stayed through the whole project, but also learned to enjoy it. I take with me a sense of achievement and I believe I have grown more conscious about my own abilities and my students’ potential."

  • VANIE NATHAN Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 2 - F2O (Providing Sustainable Livelihood to Orang Asli Community)

    "VIP helped me to connect with others with skills and knowledge through volunteering for VIVA F2O. Indeed, this has been a new and valuable experience for me. The VIP Programme also helped me increase my social and relationship skills with International Fellows, and it is a wonderful feeling when we contribute a little of our skills and knowledge to impact and create a difference in someone’s life."

  • AAINAA SURAYA BINTI BURHANUDIN Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 3 - Grub Meals

    "Having a mix of Fellows from different backgrounds in a project was such a cultural minefield. The VIP 2017 Programme has also allowed me the opportunity to adapt and learn how to work together with Fellows (whom I now call my friends) of different cultures. Being a part of the Fellowship, I had to quickly master and harness these 3 main skills: Planning, Management and Communication - which I plan to work on and improve for any future endeavours."

  • THIVIYA PANIRCHERBAM Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 4 - Mobile Food Empowerment

    "VIP has helped me to achieve one of my goals which is to help society, especially those underprivileged children from various low income backgrounds. Being involved in this programme, I believe I have helped them in many ways, especially in the F&B sector. As per our objective, we really empowered the B40 youth-at-risk to become employed in F&B."

  • HAN HOONG CHEW Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 5 - The Unseen Tours of Kuala Lumpur

    "The VIP Fellowship Programme has helped me in various aspects. The one that I appreciate most is that it provides me a platform to impact the society of Malaysia in a sustainable approach. Making a sustainable impact requires guidance, expertise from different elds, and supportive teammates; and the VIP Fellowship Programme has it all. Thanks to this experience, I now have more con dence in myself to be a change maker of the nation."

  • JOLYN HONG Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 6 - Grow Tall

    "VIP has helped me see the how much effort it takes to create a project that is meaningful and sustainable to the community. This experience has opened my eyes to all the work that needs to be put in to achieve a truly impactful project. I would recommend everyone to participate in VIP, as it gives them a chance to meet with a group of wonderful, passionate and talented people. Working together despite having different skill sets is an awesome experience and one that I will cherish always"

  • TUAN MUHAMMAD AMIRUL ASHRAFF TUAN IZHAM ROS Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 7 – BTOP Sports Academy

    "Thank you VIP for this opportunity, for giving me a chance to help the community. This programme was able to make a big impact not only to the community but also to myself. I would recommend VIP to my peers as this is the kind of programme that is able to open our minds, make an impact on the community and together, build a better future for generations to come."

  • AARON EZEKIEL EDWARDS Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 8 – Tourism Academy

    "The VIP Programme has helped me understand the importance of social entrepreneurship in shaping a more balanced society. It has also taught me about the bene ts of volunteering - both towards professional and personal development. I will de nitely recommend the programme to professionals out there who are still nding their place, but only the ones daring enough to have their lives and world view changed!"

  • RAYYAN HARIES Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 9 – Mother Lombok

    "I believe VIP has helped me gain new knowledge, learn about working with different people in different situations, which can be challenging at times. VIP has allowed me to not only help others, but also help discover my other potentials. I recommend the VIP Programme to those with the passion to make changes."

  • KAUSAR AKHTAR MAHMUD Local/Malaysian Fellow, Project 10 – Bambike Ecotours

    "I am fully honoured to be a part of the VIP 2017 Programme as it enabled me to contribute to the livelihood of the underprivileged communities. Being a part of VIP offers a number of good things including teamwork and sharing knowledge of different backgrounds, working in a challenging community in a multicultural environment and to blend with the local people. I would definitely recommend the future VIP Fellows to be a part of this excellent platform where they not only learn new things, but can also help create social impact for underprivileged people."

Questions & answers

If you’re interested in becoming a Fellow for VIP and if you fit all the eligibility criteria, then request your application form here and we’ll send it to your email inbox right away.

Once you have submitted your application it will take 3-5 working days for us to get back to you. If your application is accepted you will be invited for a Skype interview with the VIP team.

You can submit your application between 16th June – 16th July. Applications submitted after 16th July will be kept in view for VIP 2018.

You will receive an official invitation letter, and you’ll start onboarding together with the VIP Fellows team.

Yes. Your visas, flights, accommodation, stipend is arranged for you and fully paid for by the Malaysian government.

What you’ll be spending your time on

Here’s what you’ll be spending your time on as a Fellow:

  • Training & workshops 1 week
  • Project implementations 7 weeks
  • Social framework development 7 weeks

Do I qualify to become a Fellow?

These are the criteria you must meet in order to qualify as a Fellow

  • You have a minimum of 3-5 years working or volunteering experience
  • You have at least a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent
  • You are proficient in English (reading, writing, and speaking)
  • You are able to commit full-time to the 16 week programme
  • You are willing to work with low-income populations & demonstrate good interpersonal skills
  • You are committed to returning to your home country upon completion of the Fellowship

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Work with ASEAN’s leading NGOs & create meaningful impact

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  • You’ll volunteer with ASEAN’s leading NGOs for 4 months
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  • Your accommodation arranged for you
  • You’ll even receive a monthly allowance
  • Your job is to help your Host Organisation create more social impact
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