Be a Host

Host 5 professional volunteers & receive MYR10,000 to grow your organisation’s impact

5 benefits for Host Organisations

Funds, manpower, tools, trainings, and much more…

Receive MYR10,000 funds

As a Host Organisation with VIP you will receive a grant of MYR10,000 for your organisation to develop and launch a new social impact project.

Learn from & work with 5 volunteering professionals

Every VIP Fellow will be thoroughly screened before being deployed into your organisation. Every Fellow must have 5+ years of working experience in an area relevant to your organisation. This way maximum value and impact is assured through your collaboration as a Host Organisation with the international Fellows.

Develop & implement a new impact project

Starting a new project or initiative takes time, effort, and resources. The Fellows will support you in developing an effective framework to ensure maximum impact and sustainability. The seed grant of MYR10,000 will help you mobilize and implement the project immediately.

Get exclusive access to the Incitement Nonprofit Toolkit

The Incitement toolkit contains easy-to-use plug-and-play finance sheets to manage your organisation’s finances, a guide on how to apply for 10,000 USD free advertising budget on Google’s search engines monthly, pitch deck templates to allow you to better present your organisation’s work to raise funds or grant, and an impact measurement tool called Hourglass™ developed by Incitement in collaboration with Taylor’s Education Group.

Attend free trainings from ASEAN’s thought leaders (Flights & accommodation to and in KL included for non-Malaysia Hosts)

Attend a 5-day induction week in a beautiful location in Malaysia, receive hands-on training from renowned thought leaders in the nonprofit sector, and have an opportunity to bond with your group of Fellows and network with high-profile individuals and leaders from within Malaysia.

Previous Host Organisations

More than 20 nonprofits have gone before you with astonishing results!

This is the 4th year of the VIP Programme. Whereas the first 3 years the programme focused on Malaysian organisations, but this year, due to high demand, registrations are open to the entire ASEAN region. See some of the previous Host Organisations who have experienced the benefits of the VIP Programme before you.

Important dates for Host Organisations

Everything you need to know about the VIP Programme as a Host

15 May – 31 May 2018

Deadline for online submission of Hosts

Submit your application before 31 May if you want to participate in the VIP Programme. You can start your application here.
1 June 2018

Shortlisting of Host Organisations

Your application will be reviewed by the VIP Team and you will receive an official invitation letter if your organisation is accepted into VIP 2018.
1 June – 11 June 2018

Site recce with Host Organisations

The VIP Team will visit shortlisted organisations to conduct a site recce.
15 June 2018

Announcement of Host Organisations

Participating Host Organisation will be announced officially and published on the VIP website. Applications for Fellows will then open.
21 August – 25 August 2018

Induction workshop

The first week you will receive hands-on training together with all the other Host Organisations and you’ll meet your Fellows as well. The VIP Team will be in touch with you prior to arrange your logistics and stay.
23 August 2018

Launching ceremony

Together we’ll kick off VIP 2018 at the Ministry of Finance (prepare to celebrate!).
28 August – 15 December 2018

Placement and impact projects

Fellow placement at your Host Organisation starts. Fellows will arrive onsite to start their placement within your organisation.
16 October- 22 October 2018

Mid term review

The VIP Team is here for you 24/7 throughout the programme. And we’ll come to visit you for a mid-term review late October.
11 December 2018

Submission of report

After your placement your group of Fellows, guided by your organisation, will submit detailed Impact Report to the VIP Team detailing your project and its impact.
14 December – 15 December 2018

Final presentation and closing

Your Fellows will present your project, its development, implementation, and impact to all VIP Fellows and the Malaysian government.

A unique opportunity for nonprofits

What previous participants said about their experience at VIP

  • Travel Rite Tours Sdn BhdXtreme Academy

    "The VIP 2017 Programme has helped launch into reality an idea that both my partner and I have had for a while now. We received ve professional Fellows from different industries and backgrounds to assist us to launch this pilot project, which is Xtreme Academy. During this period, as Hosts, we were able to learn through both the triumphs and challenges we encountered which has de nitely made us better as social entrepreneurs and as an organisation as a whole."

  • Viva Odyssey F2O (Providing Sustainable Livelihood to Orang Asli Community)

    "Words can’t describe our utmost gratitude for the support VIP has brought to our project, which is to bring livelihood to the Orang Asli community of Raub. It would have taken years to achieve these results, if not done via this VIP Programme and Incitement. Not only were we able to create direct impact on the livelihood of the Orang Asli, we were also able, in a span of just four months, to address concerns such as their health & hygiene, wellbeing, water supply, building roads and bridges, medical aid, emergency response efforts and much more. This was only possible through VIP, which helped to engage all parties involved and bring in international talents with new perspectives and ideas."

  • Grub Cycle Grub Meals

    "The VIP Fellowship Programme has helped Grub Cycle in terms of connecting to more stakeholders. Besides that, they also helped us boost our growth by introducing a new sector in the company which will help us to reduce more food from being thrown away. We surely recommend the VIP Programme to other NGOs and social enterprises as we think it’s the best way to create a bigger impact."

  • Masala Wheels Mobile Food Empowerment

    "Every action that we take in Masala Wheels, impacts the lives of others. As we focused on growing, the VIP 2017 Programme came as a timely catalyst to further scale these actions. We explored, engaged and transformed individuals that would be the future we speak of. This wouldn’t have been achieved if it was not for the Fellows with their wide spectrum of transformative mindsets. We built the foundation in Masala Wheels, the VIP Fellows laid the building blocks. Today, we’re able to look back and be inspired to further impact globally. NGOs should look beyond their borders to connect, exchange and embrace progressive actions. If they are truly advocating for a cause, then this would be the right platform to address it through multidimensional approach. And, that’s through VIP."

  • Yellow House KL The Unseen Tours of Kuala Lumpur

    "The VIP Fellowship Programme has changed and touched so many lives – both the beneficiaries’ and ours. It has made it possible for the street friends in Kuala Lumpur to be seen and heard through a social impact project such as Unseen Tours KL. Without the Fellowship’s support, organisations such as ours would not be able to create such a social impact, nor be taken seriously. The five Fellows matched with Unseen Tours KL brought with them a wealth of knowledge and a willingness to share, to create social impact for the homeless community in Kuala Lumpur. It is very hard to find long-term volunteers to help run the core activities, but the VIP 2017 Fellows have showed the great potential that comes with Unseen Tours. With their knowledge, a mere idea was brought into action."

  • Positive Living Community Grow Tall

    "I feel that the VIP Fellowship Programme has added priceless value to PLC. All the VIP 2017 Fellows have shown absolute passion and dedication every single day since this programme started. Bringing in years of experience in different elds, these VIP Fellows have been absolutely what PLC needed to bring the organisation up to the next level. A lot of what we wanted to do with the farm was already in the planning but it just never happened due to lack of resources. Now, with the arrival of the VIP Fellows, we are nally seeing something actually taking place physically. Our plans are nally being implemented and even improved upon."

  • Bring The Opportunity Programme BTOP Sports Academy

    "VIP has greatly impacted our initiative. First of all, the VIP 2017 Programme has opened a wider scope for my company. For example, two new sports have been introduced with the help of the VIP Fellows: archery and softball. Both of these sports bring their own social impact towards the society and community. The help that the Fellows provided has brought about more opportunities towards the initiative and the surrounding community.”

  • Human Resource Development & Language Institute (HDFL) Tourism Academy

    "The VIP Fellowship Programme has allowed us to step out of the countryside by equipping us with the facilities and resources to establish a new project in the city. This opportunity has lead to dozens of new partnerships, friendships and collaborations, which will continue to bene t HDLF and the Battambang community for years to come."

  • Klub Baca Perempuan Mother Lombok

    "Thanks to the VIP Fellowship Programme, our organisation is not only providing the nancial aid that we really need to start something impactful for our society, but also the knowledge of skills that we needed for our projects. We are really thankful for the Fellows who are helping us to teach the members of our organisation and our bene ciaries."

  • Bambike Revolution Cycles Bambike Ecotours

    "Without the help of the VIP 2017 Programme and the Fellows, Bambike Ecotours would not have been able to tackle this ambitious project working with the indigenous community in the same way. By having the extra brain power and basically more human resources, we were able to delegate certain tasks that Bambike on its own did not have the capacity to do. Executing this new project in a new area with a new community was a bit overwhelming, and the VIP Programme came just at the right time. We brought in a new level of skill sets and different perspectives in nance, human resource development, project management and architecture. So, now we’ve been able to leverage the VIP brain power to approach this project towards creating a model that can be scalable. It’s going to take some time and we’re still ironing out the details, but we now have a team that has enabled Bambike to a point that it can look for other communities to reach out to and to create more sustainable business models for a larger social and environmental impact"

Questions & answers

If you’re interested in becoming a Host for VIP and if you fit all the eligibility criteria, then request your application form here and we’ll send it to your email inbox right away.

Once you have submitted your application it will take 3-5 working days for us to get back to you. If your application is accepted you will be invited for a Skype interview with the VIP team.

You can submit your application before May 31st, 2018. Applications submitted after 31st May will be kept in view for VIP 2018.

You will receive an official invitation letter, and you’ll start onboarding together with the VIP Hosts team.

Unfortunately, you will not be accepted into the VIP Programme. All hosts should be able to demonstrate the capacity and ability to work with 5 full-time professional volunteers for a period of 4-month.

Work together with purpose

As a Host Organisation your application will have a head start if your project is:

  • Measurable Your organisation tracks & measures impact carefully and can demonstrate the ability to use data to create more impact.
  • Impactful Your organisation can show direct impact of the project, and significant impact in the community or environment.
  • Sustainable Your impact project has a lasting impact on its beneficiaries and you can demonstrate the ability to sustain the project even after the VIP Programme ends.
  • Innovative Your impact project is innovative, either in its output, implementation, or management.

Does my organisation qualify?

These are the criteria your organisation must meet in order to qualify as a Host organisation

  • Your organisation has identified an impactful project for Fellows to work on
  • You can build clear role descriptions for each Fellow
  • You can demonstrate that your organisation has the capacity to work with 5 full-time volunteers for a period of 4-months
  • You have a clear point of contact for the Fellows within your organisation (manager or mentor)

Become a Host today

Work with ASEAN’s leading NGOs & create meaningful impact

Become a Host Organisation

  • You will receive a seed grant from the Ministry of Finance
  • Global exposure with knowledge exchanged with the entire VIP and Incitement network
  • Work with 5 volunteering professionals with substantial experience in their respective fields.
  • All of this, for four months!
Become a Host