Before the Programme

What is the timeline of the programme? Timeline

Do I have to pay a fee to be part of this programme? No. There is no fee involved for applicants to be part of this programme. If you are successful, the programme will cover your return air travel (home country - Malaysia - home country), accommodation, provide a monthly stipend of RM1,500 and basic insurance coverage.

Do I get to choose the impact project I want to work on? Yes, you are encouraged to apply for impact projects which are relevant to your expertise and interest. The VIP secretariat & selection committee will give this careful consideration when they make their final decision. Final decisions on shortlisting and project allocation will be a prerogative of the VIP secretariat and the selection committee.

If my expertise is not as listed in the website, can I still apply? Yes, you may if your profile and motivation matches the project. We encourage you to convince the selection committee by stating your motivation/ interest in the essay, which is part of the application form.

During the Programme

Will my performance be monitored as a Fellow? Yes, your performance will be monitored by your respective Host Organisation and the VIP Secretariat.

Would we be expected to work during weekends and holidays? Do I have off days? Generally you will be given days off for public holidays observed by the Malaysian Government and the Host Organisation. However if there are any key events or activities that have been planned for the respective project that you are working on falls on the observed public holidays, a replacement day(s) off will be provided. Replacement day(s) can be taken with prior approval by the VIP Secretariat and the Host Organisation.

Fellows are entitled to 5 off days throughout the duration of the programme (16 weeks) but the days will need to be planned together with your project team, Host Organisation and VIP Secretariat.

What will the housing look like? Week 1 ​upon arrival and throughout the Induction Week, Fellows will be placed in a twin sharing room (a serviced apartment) in city centre.

Week 2 At your respective project sites, International Fellows will be placed in a rental house/ apartment on non-sharing (single occupancy) basis near to the project site. There are projects which do not require Fellows to be based near the project site throughout the project duration (i.e. live in Kuala Lumpur but travel to project site as and when there are activities). This will be advised by the Host Organisation but all costs will be covered under the project budget.