Shelley Hutchings American

Shelley "Lorelei" Hutchings is a lifelong seamstress with a deep love for costumes and clothing. As a Competitive Master Class Cosplayer she is driven to win and is unmatched in awards; as a production seamstress and fashion designer she derives her skill from her lifelong experience that will certainly improve any sewing production team's projects. When she isn't sewing something, or strutting down a catwalk, Lorelei writes novels, and draws comics in her spare time.

Daniel Shimabukuro Brazilian

Daniel Shimabukuro is a young professional of the Creative Industry. He has a Design degree from The Federal University of Technology – Paraná (Brazil) and has been involved in projects in Brazil, Germany and Japan. His areas of expertise are Advertisement, Branding, Communications, Design and Photography. Through his expertise, Daniel is always looking ways to support Social Entrepreneurs and their projects.

Laia Enrich Spanish

Laia Enrich Sanlorien is a marketing, advertising and film professional with an eclectic background of 7 years in the media industry. As a freelancer, she has worked in the production and distribution of films and TV commercials both in Spain and the UK. Some of the films she worked on involved social issues such as the independence of Venezuela, the violent protests in Bolivia of 2000, the London riots of 2011 or teenage bullying in the UK. Her areas of expertise include: video and photo production, online advertising, project management, budgeting & scheduling, documentation and brand strategy.

Nurul Sairatun Najah Daud Malaysian

Nurul Daud is a Malaysian born STYLEKRAFT and a Center for Advanced Design graduate. She was the Assistant Designer to Zang Toi, practising her flare expertise in fashion design on garment making and visual merchandising. She then spread her wings to the entertainment and advertising business, where she started styling based on her film language understanding. She has collaborated with the world’s best renowned artists, sharing her skills and competencies for World Art Bienale. Her understanding in styling is to create a visual conversation between the viewer and image. She has been practising her flying service in the Middle East.

Evelina Soraya Hashim Malaysian

Evelina Soraya has 7 years of working experience in the Fashion Industry including PR and Publication fields. Her experience gained at Farah Khan@Melium Group has enabled her to enhance her career skills and knowledge in the operational areas of the fashion and retail industry. She was also exposed to the PR and publication fields which include preparing proposals and managing clientele's accounts. These experiences have crafted her understanding of the importance of executing and delivering day-to-day work effectively while being meticulous in achieving expected results. Evelina has an eye for creativity and fashion design, which she feels is her main strength. She has also brought in Flying Tomato, a wholesaler, to be sold via Instagram and Carousell under Oh!Tangerine that she started with a partner.

Helane Chan Canadian

Helane Chan is a mechanical engineer by training, with experience in product development, permaculture gardening and natural construction. She has worked for a few years in Canada, and is now travelling across the globe to explore opportunities in a low-carbon economy. She has been heavily involved in sustainability projects such as ship refurbishment to provide emission-free cargo sailing in Northern Germany, construction of a solar water heater in Southern Germany, granary construction with natural building techniques in Taiwan, and many more.

Shiva Karan Indian

K.Shiva Karan is an entrepreneur, sustainable tech guy and a civil engineer by profession. Deeply connected with sustainability and philanthropy, he started his research on sustainable technologies. His entrepreneurial mindset prompted him to solve real world problems which led to him gaining business skills. He keeps his education active through online courses where he connects with communities worldwide and learns about everything that makes him curious. He has two startups; one in the fashion space where he took up innovation and execution and one in the education space where he helps students follow their passions.

Rohan Ahmad Australian

Rohan Ahmad is a creative technologist with a passion for travel and sustainable development. He recently made his exit from the corporate world to become a digital nomad and devote his time to humanitarian causes. His areas of expertise include open source software and hardware integration, creative problem solving and 'MacGyvering' things to make them work. He has worked and studied in Australia, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand.

Jasur Hasanov Azerbaijani

Jasur Hasanov - Entrepreneur. Founder @itouch.life | @AzcaIT_LLP. MBA holder. He is passionate about creating good for society and has been actively involved in Social Business, especially in ASEAN countries. He has extensive experience in both business analysis and business development, particularly in the IT industry as he has worked with clients from Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Kenya, Nigeria and etc. He has managed more than 50 IT projects for AzcaIT. His skills in influencing and inspiring people and leadership style have allowed him to build and lead a team of believers at itouch.life and AzcaIT. He has strong sales and sales closing skills.

Mohamad Faizal Abu Bakar Malaysian

Mohamad Faizal is a business management consultant with 6 years experience in R&D commercialization activities under the Malaysia Technology Development Cotporation (MTDC) Symbiosis program. His areas of expertise are in Public Relations, Technology Commercialization and strategic business planning. During his university year, he was active in public speaking and debate.

Erik Weinstock American

Kurt is a licensed professional engineer in the field of mechanical engineering specialising in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection and plumbing for designing data centers and computer rooms. He spends an equal amount of time conducting sales. His roles with Dialogue in the Dark Atlanta as an exhibition tour guide and as a Dining in the Dark server have shaped him to become a corporate traienr for Dialogue in the Dark International. During his free time, he volunteers for Choroideremia, a research foundation and manages Dialogue in the Dark Internationals email exchanges.

Ziad Abdel-Hamid Egyptian

Ziad Aladdin graduated from an architecture and design college. Instead of pursuing an architectural profession, he chose to make an impact in people’s lives. His freelance work as a 3D Artist and as a volunteer has given him the chance to work and lead groups in teaching 3D Art, leadership development and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe, with a focus on empowering young people to make a positive impact on society. While in Maadi, he has worked with NGO’s such as AIESEC, Notet bedaya, Nahditna, Association for Protection of the Environment.

Khurram Kazi Pakistani

Khurram Kazi is a Scholar-Practitioner of peace and development with over 10 years of experience in government, academia, nonprofit sector and the UN system. Khurram has over four years of experience in training and facilitation, having trained over 300 people and managed projects up to $5 million. Khurram has also successfully written a grant proposal for 1.2 million Euros. He holds a MS degree in Peace & Conflict Studies and a MA degree in Diplomacy and International Affairs. His specialties include Programme Management; Communication for Development (C4D); Community Development; Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR); Security Policy; and Peace Education.

Gayatri Unsworth Malaysian

Gayatri Unsworth is a dynamic and highly effective professional who is experienced in various industries. She is highly adaptable and experienced in training and working with a diverse range of individuals and groups, both locally and abroad, allowing her to relate to and impact others. She is an experienced public speaker who is able to effectively captivate listeners and convey knowledge. She’s also extremely passionate about training, education and self-development, possesses extensive experience in journalism and communication industries. Her core aptitudes are her ingenuity and critical thinking as well as her excellent interpersonal skills and polished professional communication expertise.

Emily Sithamparappillay Malaysian

Emily Sithamparappillay started off in the corporate line as an S.O.P trainer for human resources and event management for 10 years. She then left the corporate world behind to focus on her passion to spread joy and give back to society using her skills. She is also a professional clown and magician and has been in the entertainment industry for the past 8 years. She is also a freelance copywriter. She has undertaken many community projects with the role of Programme Producer, Manager and also Coordinator. Managing projects is a forte she has garnered over the years in the events industry.

Dorothea Koschmieder German

Dorothea Koschmieder is a project manager from Stuttgart, Germany. Her focus is on event and travel management, and she also has a few years experience in marketing. She is an organisational talent who also gets involved with social projects like supporting refugees or teaching indigenous people. She has worked in Germany, Bolivia and the UK.

Angela Smith British

Angela Smith is a project leader, environmental sustainability advisor and teacher primarily in the field of eco-tourism conservation and community projects. Her focus is on the sustainability and continuous improvement of all projects, in terms of environmental and ecological impact as well as social and economic considerations. She uses a Systems Thinking approach, with the concepts of social learning, communication and continual exchange of knowledge being key to successfully increasing efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction. She has carried out project management roles in various locations such as England, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Aarti Mahajan Indian

Aarti is a management professional with 10+ years of work experience in the private and social sectors. She has an in-depth experience of building consumer franchises in the consumer goods and hospitality industries and economic development for communities. Her passion to work in the social sector took her to rural Haiti where she helped to build micro enterprises for local communities. She is passionate about agriculture, community development and women empowerment. She has worked in India, parts of Europe, Haiti and has done some volunteer work in US.

Muhammad Haziq Ariffin Malaysian

Haziq Ariffin is an architect graduate and an advocate of grassroots movements with a deep interest in community development. His involvement in architecture was due to two main interests: aesthetics and anthropology. Although he was born in Kuala Lumpur, he grew up mainly in the Middle East and was exposed to a multitude of cultures and people. Being blessed with the opportunities to travel has allowed him to be open to and yet critical of his surroundings. He captures his thoughts through photographs and words. He is driven by a strong sense of curiosity, determination and passion.

Leong Carmen Malaysian

Carmen Leong has a deep interest in and appreciation of vernacular culture and tradition. Her studies in architecture has helped to strengthen and form her thoughts on the importance of learning about one's roots, of family, and of the feeling of being at home. She has an innate and infinite desire to help those around her to achieve this. She believes that everything she has learnt in architecture goes against working towards big and insensitive developments and instead prefers to focus her energy towards social causes and doing good.

Dr Mihai Deac Romanian

Dr. Mihai Deac is a freelancer in online advertising, with a solid background in higher education, at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He has been involved in EU grants dealing with rural entrepreneurship, raising awareness of protected nature sites and students professional skill development. As a university lecturer, he has been teaching students to create and promote websites, do field research using surveys and analyse organisational behaviour and communication.

Theofrenz Cayambas Filipino

Theofrenz Cayambas is an innovation and engagement advisor for Enggana in the Philippines. He also does pro-bono consulting on project planning and online strategy for international community-based non-profits. His areas of expertise include: heritage conservation, place making, organisational development, collaborative learning and social entrepreneurship. He has worked in the US, Peru, and the Philippines promoting local ecotourism and utilising technologies for sustainability.

Anna Skowera Polish

Anna Skowera has worked as a project coordinator and communication officer in various non-government organisations. She holds a Master’s degree in International Economic Relations and is passionate on how entrepreneurship can be a fundamental driver of sustainable development and poverty reduction. As she is a keen human rights defender and a supporter of active citizenship, she is a Senior Fellow in an international organisation called Humanity in Action. She has worked and volunteered in Germany, India, Nepal, Poland and the UK.

Zahirah Zulkifly Malaysian

Zahirah Zulkifly, more fondly known as Zizi, is passionate about solving social issues. She is currently responsible for government relations at Teach For Malaysia, a cause promoting education equity amongst children of all socio-economic backgrounds and to which she has dedicated her entire professional life so far. Her speciality is in identifying nuances in people or problems and coming up with solutions through the inception and execution of small projects or via fostering strong and lasting relationships and partnerships with individuals and organisations. Zahirah is a native and resident of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Inggie ak Langkong Malaysian

Inggie has been weaving since the age of 13. For the past 2 years, he’s been involved in the business of Pua Kumbu (under Emporoh PLT). Besides weaving, he’s also the handyman and go-to-guy at Rumah Gare in Kapit, where he teaches young people how to weave.

Elizabeth Van Reenen Dutch

Elize Van Reenen is an environmental management professional with a passion for social progress and innovative solutions. Her areas of expertise include water management, biotechnology, ecology, project management and material upcycling. Elize has a mixed scientific background and soft skills relating to mindfulness, personal leadership and intercultural communication in her work for Dutch and international companies and government bodies. She holds a European joint Master of Science degree.

Jelena Novakovic Bosnian

Jelena Novakovic is a sustainable development professional focused on the field of corporate social responsibility, social enterprise and policy development. From 2009 to 2014, she developed her expertise with the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) as a specialised agency of the United Nations. Her work has been focused on the field of sustainable development strategies particularly through tourism as a cross-sector activity touching upon many aspects of socioeconomic community development. She has worked on projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Panama, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Serbia, Thailand, Bulgaria, France, Spain, and Germany, among others.

Cristina Labianca Italian

Cristina Labianca is an Italian architect specialised in sustainable architecture. She was a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia on vernacular architecture, natural construction materials, renewable energies and sustainable construction methods. Her areas of expertise include educational projects, community buildings and social housing. She followed the design of many highly graded projects and was rewarded for winning a design competition for the project ‘Green School” in San Gemini and the design for a sustainable social housing in Italy. She has worked in Italy, Spain and UK, managing international projects.

Farid Izzeady Amir Wahiduddin Malaysian

Farid Izzeady bin Amir Wahiduddin is an environmental activist and organic farming practitioner. He was based at Kebun Kaki Bukit, Kuala Selangor, promoting organic farming and sustainable living. He obtained his tertiary education at Universiti Selangor studying Bachelor of Environmental Science (Biodiversity & Conservation) Hons. During his study, he started to learn and practise social enterprise by opening a bike rental shop in the university with the aim to elevate entrepreneurship into a fair share business within the community.

Mohd Rizalman Mohd Ali Malaysian

Rizalman's interest on environmental sustainability started during his study years back 10 years ago. His keen concern on sustainable development which comprised environment, economic and social aspects, has shaped his current work as Strategic Manager for Sustainable Development in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is involved in many projects related to community development; mainly Indigenous Advanvrment on Technical, Vocational, and Education training (TVET) of Orang Asal Seletar and Food Security in Vietnam via Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for B40 farmers. He reflected on his vision of knowledge mobilization which translates research into action to each work; demolishing the four walls of old stereotype version of universities and institutions as knowledge warehouse and moving the knowledge into the society for bigger impact: 'menguniversitikan masyarakat, memasyarakatkan universiti'. His motto that he usually uses is 'building sustainable people for greener future'.

Reisy Abramof Brazilian

Reisy is a project manager for a social impact startup in Brazil. She has experience working in sustainability initiatives, social impact and community development projects throughout Europe, the U.S, Middle East, and South America. She studied International Business at Kennesaw State University in the U.S before earning her MBA in Global Business and Sustainability focused in developing countries in Italy. Reisy is a passionate traveller who ́has been to more than 50 countries.

Benjamin Langekaer Dane

Benjamin Langekaer has been studying at the KaosPilots in Denmark. The KaosPilots is a 3-year international leadership programme that focuses on project leadership, business and process design. He is very interested in empowering and educating kids and youths through using sports – especially football which he has played since the age of 5. Benjamin has previously been part of Red Cross Asylum’s Strategy and Development department. His current job as assistance coordinator at SOS International in Copenhagen involves assisting Nordic travellers in distress when abroad. His international experience includes living and studying in the United States, South America and South Africa.

Csaba Dudás Hungarian

Csaba A. Dudás is an environmental economist, digital marketer and customer development consultant with a strong appetite for growth, return, and social impact. His areas of expertise include growth marketing, sustainability, and developing new ventures with environmental and social focus. He founded and organised the first training and incubation program in Southern Hungary for early stage startups and social enterprises, and mentored numerous international greentech and cleantech startup teams through Climate-KIC, the EU’s main climate innovation initiative.

Dr Sharminithevi Malaysian

Sharminithevi is a general surgeon and lecturer. Her areas of expertise are clinical services, counselling and medical education. She also teaches and trains professionals and students in the medical field. She is currently doing freelance work as a doctor, involving herself mainly in humanitarian projects.

Awaludin Jalalus Shuti Malaysian

Awal is a former street kid who is dedicated and highly motivated to inspire others to create impact. He has contributed to the success of various programs either as an active member, team leader or advisor. 2 examples of large-impact projects with successful achievements are the “Theater Lorong The Musical” by Yayasan Chow Kit (Silver Award Winner Polytechnic Student Excellence Award Malaysia 2013) and the “Theater Lorong Pemimpi” by Chow Kit Youth (HOPE Award Winners 2015 by MyHarapan). His leadership traits are visible as president of Chow Kit Youths, motivating many Chow Kit teenagers to voluntarily help those who are less fortunate than them.

Kevin Wervenbos Dutch

Kevin Wervenbos is a finance & investment consultant and a business strategist whose expertise in finance, banking, private equity and strategy has had him work with leading financial institutions, promising startups and mid-sized companies around the world. He graduated from Rotterdam School of Management and the Harvard Business School in addition to Accounting, M&A, Banking professional qualifications and executive programs at other leading institutes. Kevin has also co-lead a turnaround at the largest financial services provider in The Netherlands and gone on to work in senior positions in Private Equity, as a Hospital CFO and freelance finance positions. He currently serves on several advisory boards for social enterprises, does pro-bono consulting and is committed to making finance work for good (poverty alleviation).

Helen Tung Australian

Helen Tung is an advocate, mediator and consultant offering dispute resolution solutions, legal risk assessment and strategic solutions to clients. With an understanding of the Asian and European markets and as a Mandarin & Cantonese speaker, she has represented many clients in cross- border disputes. Based on her cross-cultural experience on dispute resolution, Helen delivers presentations to clients in countries including Australia, China, Japan, Korea, UK and USA. Helen is passionate about issues of diversity, Women on Boards and mindfulness.

Asia Meshack American

Asia Meshack is a seasoned manager of mission-driven projects and stakeholder relationships with a track record of catalysing social and environmental engagement through strategic program and campaign design and execution. Her career spans the non-profit and private sectors, while her cross-cultural experience includes residencies in France and travels throughout Asia, South America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. She holds an MBA with a specialisation in sustainable business management from ISC Paris School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts from New York University.

Farzena Balan Malaysian

Farzena is passionate about people development and capacity building and strongly believes that the key to an advancing civilization is capacity building of its people. She has been involved in training children, youth and young adults in Sarawak, West Malaysia and Indonesia both in her professional line of work and also as a volunteer. Her forte includes training and development, organizational development and corporate relationship management. Her training and work experience in various forms of educational institutions has honed her skills in curriculum and instructional design, student engagement and immersion, and teaching.

Geriti Katik Malaysian

Geriti Katik has been working with community building at the grass root level for many years. She is working closely with local community in terms of capacity building. She is also actively involved in organizing school leavers program for youth, in order to empower them to serve their community. Her areas of expertise includes project management, children education and youth empowerment.

Conor Walsh Irish

Conor Walsh is a tourism and hospitality professional who has worked in a wide range of environments such as Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Through his experience working and traveling on four separate continents, he has gained knowledge and a personal appreciation of diverse cultures and peoples from all over the world. This has helped him build his expertise in his field, especially when it comes to working with people from different backgrounds. Aside from his love for travel, Conor is also an avid reader and complete movie obsessor.

Melanie Joseph British

Mel Joseph has a 25 year career in hospitality and finance and splits her time between London and Manchester in the UK. She has a strong business background having set up and worked in large corporates and startup companies in senior management positions. She uses her skills to help new companies to grow and develop their brand and products in the market. Problem solving, people management and relationship building come naturally to her as so does empathy and working in challenging situations. She is currently on a 6 month career break in Rome, Italy where she would like to relocate to in the future.

Luis Bracamontes Mexican

Luis Bracamontes is a social entrepreneur specialised in creative industries with a strong background in marketing and is passionate to craft and tell meaningful stories. In 2014, he was awarded the Cultural Achievement Youth Award by the City Hall for his work in performing arts, their highest recognition for remarkable young citizens. He is also the Founder and Creative Director of the Performing Arts Producer Company "Ala Norte". He has over five years of experience in social development projects.

Jacob Oyindamola Johnson Nigerian

Oyindamola is a non-profit sector professional with over 5 years experience in youth development, capacity building and social entrepreneurship. He is a Project Team Lead at Ideation Hub Africa, which is a pan-African social enterprise that equips development actors to create social good. In November 2015, Oyindamola was honoured as the African Youth Hero by the African Union Commission, due to the valuable role he plays in promoting young people's rights in Africa. Leveraging on the experiences gained from working on projects in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Ethiopia and the UK, he has developed strong communication, leadership and management skills.

Rim Hajji Moroccan

Rim Hajji is an International Development Specialist with 10 years of experience in the areas of human rights, democracy and gender equality. She previously worked with cooperation agencies, think tanks and international NGO’s. Rim was the recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship and graduated from Florida International University with a Master’s Degree in International Relations with a focus on Asian Studies. She was also awarded a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education. Rim is fluent in Arabic, French, and English. She is also proficient in Spanish and has an intermediate level in Japanese.

Fatma Younis Egyptian

Fatma Younis, a fresh graduate who studied English Language and Literature at Alexandria University, Egypt. Fatma’s undergraduate program has shaped her perseverance toward achieving her passion not only for education, but also for learning, empowerment and development. Her areas of expertise include: cross-cultural learning, non- formal education, not for profit work and media field. Fatma is a leader of youth community and civic activist, who worked in many NGO’s and initiatives for the last 6 years. She also participated and represented Egypt in national and international conferences and projects in USA, Russia, Qatar, Turkey, France, Germany, Spain and Jordan.

Roger Ng Yuwin Malaysian

Roger Ng Yuwin is a business student with a past experience of humanitarian aid associated with the local ''orang asli'' or “aborigins” and a private group located in Kuala Kubur Bharu (KKB) outside of Rawang in Malaysia. He assisted on many projects like selling their local produce fruits or vegetables with modern sales engaging skills which was successful and profits were given to the ''orang asli'' . In addition, together he and the team took advantage of the natural habitat in the area to organize water rafting, canoeing,tubing etc. Profits were made to maintain the welfare of the ''orang asli''. His areas of expertise include: all round team player , efficient with any practical matters , analytic , skilled in problem solving , responsible , organization development , skilled in sales , flexible and priority focused.

Asanai Painiran Thai

Asanai Painiran started out his journey as a Muay Thai fighter at a very young age despite turbulent childhood whilst growing up. Going through intensive training and disciplines and having survived the temptation of going to the "dark life", Asanai is now a Muay Thai trainer, helping underprivileged youth to not stray from their path and to help rebuild their future. He has been a Muay Thai trainer at the Discover Muay Thai since it first started. He also won the World Muay Thai Council (WMC) two times.

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