Abdul Rahim Bin Mat Yassim Malaysia

Rahim is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Malaysian Languages and Applied Linguistics at the University Malaya. He holds a Masters in Modern Language Studies (Majoring in Human Communication Disorders and Learning Disorders), and a Degree in Law (LLB) from UiTM. He is also a registered medical assistant, an instructor and examiner for the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, a registered Tourist Guide and an ISO 9000 lead assessor.

Anna Pieczatkowska Poland

Anna has been working with and for young people, creating local and international activities within European, national and regional programmes since 2003. She is an organisational psychologist, working as nonformal education trainer, mentor and coach for young people. She is an expert in the field of entrepreneurship, mobility programmes, and cross culture management.

Anupriya Kohli India

Anupriya is a young professional with diverse international experiences in consulting, digital operations, marketing and most recently impact investing and social enterprise. She graduated with honors from Columbia University completing majors in both Economics and Psychology. She is always looking to learn and contribute her skills towards driving global impact.

Bailey Greenspon Canada

Bailey Greenspon is a social entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada, who believes in creating community around the dinner table. In 2013 Bailey partnered with a local restaurateur to launch Toronto’s first social justice restaurant. In 2014 she furthered this mandate as National Director for Share Thanksgiving. Bailey holds a B.A. in International Development from McGill University.

Baitulhusna Ahmad Zamri Malaysia

Bai is an entrepreneur, building her own legacy in locally made baby clothing. Besides running the business normally, she empowers women in her local area with the machinery and skill sets to become business partners. She is an avid volunteer who would love to explore more opportunities to volunteer in the ASEAN region, because she is in love with the varieties of colourful cultures we have here.

Benjamin Cruz Philippines

Benjamin is a creative, passionate and dedicated artist. He specializes in stage performance, MTV directing and image enhancement. Since a near-death experience, he has decided to dedicate his life to humanitarian causes. He strongly believes that one only lives once and should make the most of it!

Cinta Chevignard France

Cinta is from France. She has worked for various NGOs, in education of underprivileged children in India, and intercultural diversity in the USA. Cinta specialised in waste management at SUEZ Environment and the Pompidou Center museum and is currently in charge of a waste reduction programme near Paris.

Dato’ Lawrence Low Malaysia

Lawrence is currently pursuing his MBA with University of West England and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Monash University. During his studies, Lawrence has been involved in entrepreneurship and has assisted many start-ups in preparing their Franchise and Business Blueprints. He is also involved in the education sector, collaborating with Intel in transforming the education ecosystem in Malaysia. He served as the Special Officer to the current Deputy Education Minister II, and as a Committee Member of both MCA Youth and the MCA Selangor Youth Education Bureau. Lawrence was recently appointed to the MCA National Education Consultative Council in recognition with his work, both in politics and in social impact projects with youth and education.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Kacso Romania

Dr. Zsuzsanna Kacsó is a peacebuilding and violence prevention practitioner and consultant for the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) in ClujNapoca, Romania. She is also associate professor on conflict analysis at BabesBolyai University. Her areas of expertise include: conflict analysis, strategic & systemic peacebuilding, electoral violence prevention, future planning and scenario building, organisational development and knowledge management. She has worked in Romania, Moldova, Transdniestria, Singapore, Northern Ireland, Liberia, Nepal, Egypt, and the UK.

Feruz Rakhmankulov Uzbekistan

Feruz is a result-oriented social entrepreneur who hails from Russia. He is passionate about global opportunities and believes in the power of entrepreneurial thinking for a better and sustainable future. He studied in the American University of Central Asia and majored in political science with a concentration in International and Comparative Politics. He is also widely known as the Founder of “Undergraduate VK”, the No. 1 Eurasian online media in international education which covers the Commonwealth of Independent States.

India Jade Meshack U.S.A.

India is a passionate humanitarian and development professional skilled in supporting the design and management of complex development programs serving vulnerable populations globally. She earned a Master’s in International Humanitarian Action from the University of Paris XII and a BA in Communication Studies and French from Loyola Marymount University.

Ingo Steffgen Germany

Ingo Steffgen is a business professional, nonprofit expert and aspiring social entrepreneur. He has ten years’ experience in the forprofit and two years’ in the nonprofit sector. Ingo was born in Germany in 1981, holds a U.S. MBA degree as well as a Master’s in Sustainable Peace through Sport.

Isabel Martinez Spain

Isabel is a professional with 11 years of experience in 3 social fields: Gender, Communication and Education. Following a Master’s degree in International Cooperation, she worked as a Gender specialist for UN Women in Cape Verde and for UNIFEM in Panama. Isabel also holds a BA (HONS) in Spanish Language and Literature and a Master’s degree in Publishing.

Yap Chee Wei Malaysia

Jackie is a guy with Energy-consciousness and environmental-awareness. An Engineer in Hands, and Art-Entrepreneur in Heart, he has been directing grand-live-dramas. His principle in directing drama is to ensure it touched deep inside the audiences’ heart. He was a also pop dancer and has won awards in numerous competitions.

As one of the top Engineering-Undergraduates in UNITEN, he equipped with technical & analytical skills and hence, he is entrusted to lead most of the projects in University, as well as numerous ASEAN regional projects.

Jane Vo U.S.A.

Jane Vo is a social worker with four years of experience working with the homeless and under-served of Houston, Texas. Working with the homeless has allowed her to work with individuals dealing with substance abuse and recovery, mental health, domestic violence, and trauma.

Jorge Costi Peru

Jorge is a Peruvian Social Development Manager. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation and his Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Perugia. For the past six years, he has worked with the non-profit, Civitas G2. Jorge currently resides in Auckland and is working on a research project.

Juan Antuna Ros Malaysia

Juan’s first experiences as a teenager in East Africa shocked him into pursuing a life of service towards humanity. Engaging in many grass roots projects across Tanzania, he became frustrated with the corruption and lack of direction he faced in every organisation he encountered. Having gone back to Africa a second time, and later interning on refugee projects for the UNHCR, Juan finally found what he was looking for in SOLS 24/7.

Katherine Lam U.S.A.

Katherine is the Director of Operations at Move This World. Previously, she worked with AshokaChangemakers fostering social entrepreneurship and served as the Executive Director of the Village Education Project. Katherine graduated from Swarthmore College with a B.A. in Political Science (High Honors) and as a Eugene Lang Opportunity Scholar.

Kenneth Hamilton Malaysia

Originally from Kuching, Sarawak, Ken started his career as a trained engineer but switched to the F&B industry three years ago and has never looked back. Ken has a great passion for food because it brings everyone together regardless religion or gender. Ken began volunteering this year to experience the feel of giving back to the community, and is really enjoying his time with the VIP fellowship programme so far.

Kristin Weis U.S.A.

Kristin works to improve natural environments and regional stability. She currently supports coastal ecology and nearby communities through ecotourism and waste management solutions. Passionate about green urban development and conflict transformation, she has studied oceanography and was a 2014 Caux Scholar.

Le-Marie Thompson Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Le-Marie Thompson is a technologist, passionate about innovation and its transformative effects on local communities. She has worked in the telecommunications industry. LeMarie holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland and a Master of Arts in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University.

Liu Chai Hong Malaysia

Chai Hong is from Kelantan, Malaysia. She completed her Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and Management at the University of Malaya. Chai Hong is dedicated to utilize the knowledge and experiences she has gained to increase the public awareness about green and renewable energy technologies. Her passion for environmental conservation and social change drove her to join the space of volunteerism.

Liliya Shakirzyanova Russia

Liliya Shakirzyanova is from Kazan, Russia. She is a teacher by trade and holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Liliya is passionate about applying her expertise in youth education and social enterprise to facilitate international development.

Matty Jobe Gambia

Matty Jobe currently works as the Performing Arts Officer with the Gambian National Center for Arts and Culture, a statutory institution responsible for the preservation, promotion and development of the arts and culture in Gambia. She works directly with artists, artistic groups, and associations engaged in music, dance, and drama, to help build capacity in these areas. She is also the founder of the Gambia Youth Actors Association (GAMYAA), an organisation devoted to building talent in the domains of music, theatre, dance, and film.

Mikael Ashorn Finland

Mikael is a globetrotter. He has traveled every continent, lived on three continents and studied in Finland, India, Barbados and the U.S.A. Currently, the is working on a programme for Global Health and Development in Finland. His main interest is in disaster management and climate change.

Muhammad Yazid Mat Daud Malaysia

Yazid is a graduate with good academic qualifications, leadership and teamwork skills, and has successfully managed multiple projects and events. He is excellent at communication, organization, event management and project management as accommodating President at Enactus Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College, CEO at Youth’s Opportunist Unit (Y.O.U), and President at Asian Network of Youth Volunteers (ANYV) Malaysia.

Nataliia Kuzmina Ukraine

Nataliia Kuzmina is a Peace and Conflict researcher, media and human rights professional, and the true admirer of the transformative power of the story. In her work she uses diverse tools, such as media, human rights advocacy, community outreach projects, and storytelling to facilitate sustainable and inclusive peace processes in challenging contexts around the world.

Natalie Tan Sook Ling Malaysia

Born and bred in Kuala Lumpur, Natalie grew up wanting to be a piano teacher, dance teacher, an English teacher, etc - you can see the pattern! Now that she works with Dignity for Children, she has realised that teachers learn more from their students – almost more than they teach!

Neow Ker Eong Malaysia

Neow Ker Eong, known as Neow, was a sales executive in Food & Nutraceutical division selling food raw materials to manufacturing companies. He studied Chemistry in Imperial College London. He is highly interested and passionate in contributing in education sector. He was a team lead in a social project called “Vertical Farming” and have managed to make into top 10 of myHarapan Social Business Challenge 2014.

Nindya Miesye Agita Pasaribu Indonesia

Gita is currently working on her initiative TweetKuliah, an online platform which provides Indonesian youth with opportunities worldwide. Her interests include human rights, education, internet policy, digital literacy and youth empowerment. She is most passionate in creating social change by connecting people through technology. Gita graduated from Universitas Indonesia in Law Studies.

Norma Rivera Puerto Rico

Norma Rivera is an International Development Consultant, with experience in a multilateral environment, focusing on strategic communications, environmental issues, and community development. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Florida International University, and a Dual Master’s Degree in Natural Resources & Sustainable Development from American University, U.N. University for Peace.

Nur Deehan Baharuddin Malaysia

Dr. Didie has a doctorate in Malay Literature and has certificates in various disciplines, including in the field of logistics and shipping. She worked with oil and gas companies in the United States as an Inventory Executive, and has returned to Malaysia. She is passionate about education and wants to do her part to contribute to society. Her skills include networking and marketing, and she runs an online business in Islamic headscarves.

Nurainin Sufia Malaysia

Ain is a passionate youngster who believes human resources are more powerful than any other resource. She engages in volunteering work that empowers people from different walks of life mainly through entrepreneurship, multi-media technology, golden histories and sports. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering Majoring Optic at Multimedia University Cyberjaya.

Paul Thiruchelvam Malaysia

Paul is from Kulim, Kedah, and has over 10 years’ experience in multinational corporations. He also has vast experience in community service and possesses strong ties to the community in Kulim and Penang. Paul currently works in one of the local churches and volunteers regularly with the elderly.

Paulo John Tiangco Philippines

As a sociologist and anthropologist, Paulo has always been fascinated with the indigenous people of the Philippines. His primary interests are indigenous health practices and their evolvement to cope with environment, social and political pressures.

Rabaayah Sidin Malaysia

Rabaayah hails from the Mah Meri community in Sungai Bumbun, Pulau Carey. She earned her Certificate of Office Administration from Kuala Langat Community College and now works at the Hospital Orang Asli Gombak.

Robert Sutton Canada

Bob Sutton is cofounder, strategist, cleanenergy social entrepreneur and organisational and resource development consultant. With a background as professional forester, adult instructor and serial volunteer alongside communities in Canada and Latin America. He is energised to work with communities to seek and reach for dreams with successful projects and impact.

Sabirah binti Sulaiman Malaysia

Sabirah is a Johorean, a social entrepreneur, researcher and environmental activist. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Economics at the Universiti Utara Malaysia and has worked with a group of economists under a research project on graduate entrepreneurship funded by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. She has previously been involved in over 100 projects and connected more than 10,000 youth in the fields of entrepreneurship, social work and environmental responsibilities across local and global level. She has also represented Malaysia in several international conferences in field of economics and entrepreneurship.

She is co-founder of 3 start ups: mobile apps Go Eco, Xploreseum and a social enterprise cooperation for student council in Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Sorana Secasiu Romania

Sorana Secasiu works as a communications and social media specialist for the Bakhtar Development Network Global. She holds a Master’s in Security Studies from the Univeristy of Bucharest, and has wide interests covering anthropology, foreign languages, and psychology. She is currently interested in multilingualism and the integration through language of foreign language speaking migrants into host countries, particularly with reference to Roma communities.

Vincent Lok U.S.A.

Vince has 10 years of experience in the health and science field. In his most recent work, he was involved in leading international healthcare reform projects. He is from the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys rock climbing. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley.

Mohd Zulhusmie Aripin Malaysia

Zul graduated with Bachelor of IT majoring in Information System Engineering from Multimedia University. As an avid duathlete, he has participated in numerous volunteering projects in and outside the country. Prior to this VIP program, he worked for a project at the Royal Belum Rainforest under the WWF. He hopes the project will create a long lasting impact and inspire our (Malaysian) youth to participate in the future.

Adha Salleh Singapore