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Highlight – Volunteering International Professional (VIP) 2017 Fellowship Programme
Impact project 1 – Xtreme Academy
Impact project 2 – F2O (Providing Sustainable Livelihood to Orang Asli Community)
Impact project 3 – Grub Meals
Impact project 4 – Mobile Food Empowerment
Impact project 5 – The Unseen Tours of Kuala Lumpur
Impact project 6 – Grow Tall
Impact project 7 – BTOP Sports Academy
Impact project 8 – Tourism Academy
Impact project 9 – Mother Lombok (The Home-Grown Food Project)
Impact project 10 – Bambike Ecotours
VIP 2015 Onboarding Workshop
Introduction to VIP 2015
What is VIP?
Highlights of VIP 2015

Project 1: Creating Livelihood via Agriculture

Short Documentary of the KL Homeless Community
Summary of Project 1: Creating Livelihoood via Agriculture

Project 2: Solar Academy

Summary of Project 2: Solar Academy

Project 3: Yours Truly Kedah

The Recycling Song!
People Of Kedah
Kedah from the Lens of Fellows
Summary of Project 3: Yours Truly Kedah

Project 4: Ubuntu

Short Documentary of the KL Homeless Community
Summary of Project 4: Ubuntu

Project 5: Second Life Thru A.R.T – The Butterfly Effect

Documentary of “ANAK The Butterfly Effect”
Presentation at Mix N Fix
Journey of a Butterfly
Theme Song of ANAK
Introduction to ANAK
I am MyHarapan
Summary of Project 5: Second Life Thru A.R.T. (Art, Rhythm, Theater)
Give It Back by Jaclyn Victor
VIP 2016 Induction Workshop Highlights
Meet some of our VIP 2016 Fellows!
VIP 2016 induction & Launching Ceremony!
Impact project 1: Community Development Through Innovative Batik Products
Impact project 2: Green Accelerator
Impact project 3: Empowering the Visually Impaired
Impact project 4: Project WHEE!
Impact project 5: Pua Kumbu Community Project
Impact project 6: Lembah Bujang Eco Park
Impact project 7: Creating Livelihood for the BoP community
Impact project 8: Project HAUS
Impact project 9: Birth of A Hero