Impact Projects 2017

Impact Project 1The Xtreme Academy

Impact Area

Rural Unemployment

This project aims to provide skills training for underprivileged youth from 18 to 35 years of age in Kota Belud and turning them into adventure and tourism professionals by training them in White Water Rafting/ Trekking, hospitality and service skills

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Outdoor Adventure Specialists, Marketing and Community Development Professionals, Tourism Development Professionals

Host Organisation Travel Rite Tours Sdn Bhd Location Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia Apply

Impact Project 2Providing sustainable livelihood to Orang Asli community

Impact Area

Community Empowerment – Indigenous (Orang Asli)

This project aims to create sustainable impact by educating real life skills and vocational training to the Indigenous community with the goal of making them employable and entrepreneurial. The Indigenous community will be trained to be skilled welders and safety officers so that they will be employable in Oil & Gas/ Construction industry. The project also helps develop other economic activities for the villagers such as home-stays and aquaponic farming

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Welders, Health & Safety Officers, Community Outreach officers, Permaculturist, Aquaponics experts

Host Organisation Viva Odyssey Sdn Bhd Location Kg. Chempian, Pahang, Malaysia Apply

Impact Project 3Grub Meals

Impact Area

Sustainable Consumption

This project aims to combat food wastage by funnelling surplus food items back to the community while subsidising lower income families with basic necessities. This project plans to impact 100 families by reducing their daily spend on food expenditure and food waste and also by having weekly events to create accountability.

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Food scientist/engineer, Business Management, Community Development, Operations Manager

Host Organisation GrubCycle Location Klang Valley, Malaysia Apply

Impact Project 4Mobile Food Empowerment

Impact Area


This project aims to empower the underprivileged youth-at-risk to become mobile F&B entrepreneurs and help them get employed through the F&B industry.

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Youth Counsellor, Business Experts, F&B experts, Capacity Building Experts

Host Organisation Masala Wheels Location Petaling Jaya, Malaysia Apply

Impact Project 5“The Unseen Tours of Kuala Lumpur”

Impact Area

Urban Poor (The homeless)

This project aims to provide sustainable livelihood and employment opportunities for homeless people in Kuala Lumpur by training them as tour guides for ‘The Unseen Tours of Kuala Lumpur’ which covers customer service, hospitality and English proficiency

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

City tour experts, development officers experienced working with homeless community, Digital Sales & Marketing, Partnership developer

Host Organisation Khatulistiwa Enterprise (Yellow House KL) Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Apply

Impact Project 6Grow Tall

Impact Area

Social Integration

This project aims to help drug addicts and HIV host to re-integrate into society with capacity building programs & livelihood creation. This project will train the residents of Positive Living Community in capacity building and utilising the available land to build multipurpose hall, wood and work shed and irrigation for fish pond.

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Landscape engineer, Architectural Skills, Agricultural Knowledge, Business & Marketing skills, programme curators for Rehab centres

Host Organisation Persatuan Kebajikan Komuniti Kehidupan Positif (Positive Living Community) Location Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia Apply

Impact Project 7BTOP Sports Academy

Impact Area

Education at risk for marginalised youth communities

This project aims to empower the underprivileged youth-at-risk to re-engage drop-out student’s interest in prioritizing on education by helping them raise their confidence, school grades, holistic learning in character building through sports.

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Digital Marketer/Marketing Communications, Event Management , Professional Sports Coach/Trainer, Counselor/Program Managers, Community Outreach Manager

Host Organisation Bring The Opportunity Program Location Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia Apply

Impact Project 8Tourism Academy

Impact Area

Youth Empowerment

This project aims to create job opportunities, train and plan a career path for the underprivileged youth in rural Cambodia in the tourism sector

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Interpreter/Partnership developer, Tourism Expert/Consultant, Program development, Digital Marketing expert

Host Organisation HDLF (Human-Resource Development & Language Foundation) Location Battambang, Cambodia Apply

Impact Project 9The Home-grown Food Project

Impact Area

Women Empowerment

This project aims to increase the income of the women by developing creative ways to process local food by creating an environment for the women in North Lombok to learn food processing, business skills, marketing & sales techniques

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Business Development, food processing expert, Tourism Expert/Consultant, Program development, Business & Finance skills

Host Organisation Klub Baca Perempuan Location North Lombok, Indonesia Apply

Impact Project 10Bambike Ecotours: Sustainable Bamboo Bike

Impact Area

Community Empowerment through Eco-Tourism

This project aims to increase the livelihood opportunities for the indigenous community (Dumagat tribe) by developing a bamboo bike tourism activity inside the Dumagat conservation area to be operated by selected beneficiaries from the Dumagat tribe. They will be building bikes out of bamboo, run the tourist operation and become conservationist by the end of the project

What kind of Professionals are we looking for

Tourism Expert/Consultant, Digital Marketer, Mechanical Engineer, Operations/Logistic Manager, Architect

Host Organisation Bambike Revolution Cycles Location Angat Dam, Bulacan, Philippines Apply