Bambike Ecotours

Community Empowerment through Eco-Tourism

Impact Area:

Community Empowerment through Eco-Tourism


Angat Dam, Bulacan, Philippines

Host Organisation:

Bambike Revolution Cycles

Bambike Ecotours uplifts the quality of life for the indigenous people of the Dumagat Tribe through higher earning potential, providing the community with a complete bamboo bike eco-tourism operation in an area that attracts about 50,000 visitors per year.

Building a bike is a craft in itself. Building a bike made out of bamboo sourced from an underprivileged community to serve as a source of income for not only the community, but also for you as a bike producer, is a whole different ball game. To scale their efforts and increase the social impact the VIP Fellows arrived as if godsend. With a background in civil engineering, general science, entrepreneurship and finance this team has designed and implemented new accessoiries for the existing bikes and came up with entirely new bike designs. They also designed the "Bambox", a modular unit made entirely out of Bamboo sourced and built by the local tribes, which will provide the community with a complete eco-tourism operation.

"Before, we were selling bamboo really at a minimum price, barely enough to provide for our livelihood through the incomes it generated. Now, with Bambike educating us on bamboo product development, we are able to make much more than we did before."