BTOP Sports Academy

Education at risk for marginalised youth communities

Impact Area:

Education for Youth-at-Risk in Marginalised Communities


Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia

Host Organisation:

Bring The Opportunity Program

BTOP Sports Academy boosts participation in sports with the aim of generating socio-economic benefits for the local community in Bachok, Kelantan, Malaysia. Through its custom-designed sports-based programmes, BTOP prevents youths from entering a life of drug abuse and criminal activities, and shows these youths how sports can make a profound and positive impact on the community, wider society, and, of course, themselves as individuals.

The VIP Fellows helped BTOP overcome their challenges in lack of manpower, skills and sustainability. The team of Fellows has combined experience in counselling, community development, events and project management and professional archery. They have created sustainability by partnering with more schools and hosting events to bring the community together as a support system. By involving the youth in new sports, they have improved academically and personally as the Fellows also work on each individuals personal development progress.

"This archery project is very much needed as it can give focus to students in their studies. These archery activities use a lot of focused thinking towards the target, a skill not only crucial in archery, but also in life." ~ Che Sazali (principal of the school)