F2O (Providing Sustainable Livelihood to Orang Asli Community)

Community Empowerment Indigenous (Orang Asli)

Impact Area:

Community Empowerment – Indigenous (Orang Asli)


Kg. Chempian, Pahang, Malaysia

Host Organisation:

Viva Odyssey Sdn Bhd

The F2O (For Orang Asli to Orang Asli) project aims to increase the sustainability, resilience, and overall livelihood of the Orang Asli community. The beneficiaries of the F2O project are both male and female between the age of 15-30, mostly school dropouts, who work in the jungle collecting rattan, bananas, and other raw produce. Their income is far below average because they do not supply to consumers directly but rather to a “middle man”, who sells the products at high profits, often only to leave the bare minimum available for the Orang Asli people. F2O instills entrepreneurial zeal and know-how in the Orang Asli people via its training programs, so that they can cut out this middle man and earn a higher income themselves.

The vocational and entrepreneurship training F2O provides to create farming, agriculture, eco-tourism or welding businesses requires a tremendous amount of know-how. Not only are business skills required, but also a background in said areas. With the VIP Fellows comes a vast amount of experience in a wide variety of humanitarian issues, social entrepreneurship, environmental science, business management and communication skills. With their 73 years of combined working experience, F2O will reap the benefits of the VIP Fellows for years to come.

"We have lived in this village for many generations, it is only right for us to make a change in how we live our life here. With this programme, we learn about aquaponics and how easy the process is. Thanks to this project we now have guidance. We can only grow further from here. ~ Batin Yek"