Grow Tall

Social Integration

Impact Area:

Social Integration


Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia

Host Organisation:

Positive Living Community

Positive Living Community (PLC) is one of the few centers in Malaysia that provides free treatment, shelter and support to HIV/AIDS patients and recovering drug addicts, including those who have developed psychiatric conditions and various forms of disabilities due to their illness. PLC’s mission is to provide shelter, loving care, treatment and support to people who have been rejected or had become homeless due to drug and/or alcohol addiction and HIV/AIDS. With the Grow Tall project, they are now trying to make their community farm, run by its residents, entirely self-sustainable.

In order to make the Positive Living Community self-sustaining by increasing current revenue generating resources in the organic farm, livestocks and land utilisation managed by PLC, a specific set of skills was required. Through the VIP Programme, Grow Tall managed to deploy a team of five Fellows educated in architecture (master's degree), agriculture development (master's degree), rural estate management (bachelor's degree), counselling (master's degree) and a combined working experience of 67 years in HIV/AIDS counselling, civic engagement, public policy, agriculture, leadership development and humanitarian relief to help them improve the livelihood of their beneficiaries.

"Before, the tea plantation was just a small plot but now it is a quarter acre, which is greatly going to improve our income. Then there's the goat pen and the fish farm where they upgraded all of the facilities. It’s amazing. We’ll also be enjoying more facilities thanks to VIP, because the Fellows are going to build a workshop on a plot of land that was just a garbage area before. I’m really happy to see how the Fellows have helped PLC." ~ Gilbert Netto