Mother Lombok (The Home-Grown Food Project)

Women Empowerment

Impact Area:

Women Empowerment


North Lombok, Indonesia

Host Organisation:

Klub Baca Perempuan

Mother Lombok’s mission is to empower women through culinary arts and entrepreneurial skills training. They can then use these skills to develop products from raw produce, so they will be able to generate a higher income and create a better livelihood.

The challenge that Mother Lombok faced was the lack of know-how in business management and development, tourism development, and culinary arts. The VIP Fellows educated the women on culinary techniques to develop products ready for an international market. The Fellows also refined their business to ensure sustainability and growth. Overall, they've equipped Mother Lombok with a scalable business model that provides the women with an extra monthly income and the know-how to run and improve their own business.

"I want my children to see me not only as a housewife but also as someone who contributes income to the family. My dream is to pay for my children’s education and see them being successful. With Mother Lombok’s product out in the market, hopefully it can help me and my family with extra income." ~ Dende Martini