Mobile Food Empowerment


Impact Area:



Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Host Organisation:

Masala Wheels

"This Malaysian social enterprise is poised to set a new norm through mobile empowerment. Masala Wheels is the First Social Food Truck in Malaysia, run almost entirely by youths who used to be at borderline risk of getting involved in gang activities, drug abuse, and other illegal pursuits, heading for a lifetime of unemployment, homelessness, or even imprisonment. Masala Wheels is driven to empower the B40 community through its mobile truck and borderless kitchen, and provides training- and employment opportunities for B40 youths, providing them with the skills and experience required to get employed in the F&B sector."

Running a restaurant isn't easy. Let alone running a restaurant with a powerful social mission like Masala Wheels. Not only do they provide high-quality products and services like any restaurant to make sure customers come back, they also have to ensure employment opportunities for their students in the F&B industry - a perfect task for the Fellows from VIP. Armed with decades of experience in running F&B businesses and backgrounds in business & economic development, leadership programmes, psychology, youth development and events and project management, the team of Fellows at Masala Wheels is a perfect recipe to spur social impact.

"I always thought I would end up in prison. But if I were to go after this current lifestyle, I will surely progress in life. There’s a possibility of me becoming a business man. If I could say one thing that I’ve learned from all this, it’s that I don’t need gangsterism in my life. ~ Veera"