Xtreme Academy

Rural Unemployment

Impact Area:

Rural Unemployment


Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia

Host Organisation:

Travel Rite Tours Sdn Bhd

Xtreme Academy is a pilot project by Travel Rite Tours aimed at transforming underprivileged youths into white water rafting professionals. The beneficiaries of this project are young women and men between 18-35 years old, coming from a variety of different backgrounds and work experiences. Mostly, their parents are farmers or rubber tappers with low incomes. Xtreme Academy equips local youths with the soft and hard skills needed to become adventure professionals, qualifying them to pursue jobs in the growing adventure tourism industry in the region of Kota Belud.

The VIP Fellows came in equipped with extensive experience in outdoor adventure, tourism, events and project management, business management, and English education. They provided skills training to the youths of Kota Belud to turn them into employable professionals, who are now able to provide tours, manage the safety of participants and communicate in English. The project has created significant social impact as the youths are now able to earn their own income and contribute to the livelihood of their community.

"I am thankful for this programme and for the lessons and guidance from the Fellows. With the standard operating procedure that they have created, I am sure the graduates of Xtreme Academy can maintain this programme. My dream is to be Malaysia’s first professional woman in white water rafting and for Kota Belud to be one of the main tourist attractions in Sabah. ~ Ella Brenda Sandau"