Impact Project 1: Creating Livelihood via Agriculture

Impact Area: Rural Community Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Women’s Empowerment

Location: Plot 4, Jalan Limau Kumboi, Kampung Sungai Limau, 09600 Lunas, Kedah.

Host Organisation: ANB Agro Trainers

Norma Rivera

Puerto Rico

Dr. Zsuzsanna Kacso


Sabirah binti Sulaiman


Paul Thiruchelvam


Nurainin Sufia


About the Impact Project:

Rural communities, especially those from marginalised groups such as single mothers, face limited options to make a living in Kulim. This project aimed to create livelihoods via gender-focused, non-labour intensive agriculture for single mothers with young children. Specifically, it aimed to create sustainable income streams for this group of women through cottage industries, and to empower them through capacity building and English training. During their time on the programme, the Fellows built relationships with the target group, gaining insight into their current socio-economic situations. Based on this, the team set up the main infrastructure for a Human Capital Development Centre, as well as training in organic farming skills and laid the foundation for the development of a chili-based cottage industry that created a full supply chain from farm to table. This project will continue to be supported by Scope UnLtd, a social enterprise incubator and accelerator as the business model is deemed to be highly scalable to other crops and areas in Malaysia.

Impact Project 2: Solar Academy

Impact Area: Renewable Energy and Youth Unemployment

Location: 1Petaling Commerz & Residential Condos, #1-9, Jalan 1 C/149, Off Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

Host Organisation: Systems of Life 24/7 (SOLS 24/7)

Liliya Shakirzyanova


Le-Marie Thompson

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Liu Chai Hong


Juan Antuna Ros


About the Impact Project:

Young people are always encouraged to learn new skills to improve their living standards, but those who lack opportunities fall behind. Youth unemployment rates are high in Malaysia, while urban poverty still persists, with close to 40% of the population earning less than RM3,000 (under US$900 per month). The Solar Academy aims to tap into the emerging field of renewable energy, training school leavers or disadvantaged youth not in education, employment or training (NEET) to work in this growing sector. New technicians from these communities will vastly reduce the need for foreign technicians and at the same time enhance the well-being of their households. The Fellows designed and delivered a one-month intensive training programme to 32 young people as part of the new Solar Academy, providing both technical skills to these NEET youth, as well as increasing their employment opportunities in the solar and renewable energy industries. It is hoped that this programme can be replicated in other areas of Malaysia and can engage more players in the solar industry in order to bring benefits to urban and rural communities alike by providing better access to technologies and technicians that can maintain the solar energy systems.

Impact Project 3: Yours Truly Kedah

Impact Area: Community Empowerment and Civic Engagement

Location: Lorong Sungai Mayat, Alor Setar, Kedah

Host Organisation: Random Collectives

Kristin Weis


Cinta Chevignard


Robert Sutton


Adha Salleh


Baitulhusna Ahmad Zamri


About the Impact Project:

Communities on the river bank at Kampung Lorong Mayat, Kedah lack access to sustainable waste-management solutions – this has led to an extreme waste management problem, putting both the local residents and the natural environment at risk. The project aimed to tackle this problem by creating channels and incentives for the local community, local government, and other actors to take action. The team worked closely with the local community, engaging young people in solving the waste problem, running community events, and educating local residents about the environment, upcycling and recycling. The team has worked towards engendering a sense of ownership and responsibility among the community for the state of the river.

Impact Project 4: Ubuntu

Impact Area: Social Integration of The Urban Homeless

Location: Downtown Kuala Lumpur

Host Organisation: Ubuntu Malaysia

India Jade Meshack


Jane Vo


Ingo Steffgen


Mohd Zulhusmie Aripin


Dato' Lawrence Low


About the Impact Project:

The homeless are regularly stigmatised and socially excluded, affecting their self-esteem, physical and mental health. Helping the homeless must extend beyond food provision – this vulnerable community is in need of holistic support to address their underlying social needs. This project began by mapping the current services available to the homeless community in Kuala Lumpur, before conducting a detailed needs assessment. Based on this and the relationships built with the community, UBUNTU began a piloted programme, training local volunteers to provide sustainable support to the homeless community. The ultimate aim is to ensure the social inclusion of the homeless, access to opportunity and a pathway to dignified living.

Impact Project 5: Second Life thru A.R.T (Art. Rhythm. Theatre)

Impact Area: Urban Vulnerable Groups and Youth-at-risk

Location: PPRs (Seri Semarak, Sri Pantai, Sri Purnama)

Host Organisation: myHarapan/ Youth Trust Foundation

Matty Jobe


Anna Pieczatkowska


Benjamin Cruz


Yap Chee Wei


Muhammad Yazid Mat Daud


About the Impact Project:

Young people living in council housing or Citizen Housing Projects (PPR - Projek Perumahan Rakyat) tend to be at a higher risk of using drugs or being involved in criminal activities, due to the lack of work or healthy social outlets. Under this initiative, creative workshops were delivered to a group of young people, designed to harness their potential, giving them a space to be imaginative, enterprising, and develop competencies in the arts and creative industries. The young people also produced a film about their life and communities, offering them a chance to boost their confidence and organisational skills whilst providing an alternative career pathway in the creative industries.

Impact Project 6: Addressing Alcoholism Within the Orang Asli Population

Impact Area: Indigenous (Orang Asli) Community Socio-economic Development & Health

Location: Pulau Carey, Selangor

Host Organisation: University of Malaysia Center for Addiction Studies (UMCAS)

Vincent Lok


Mikael Ashorn


Paulo John Tiangco


Abdul Rahim Mat Yassim


Rabaayah Sidin


About the Impact Project:

Indigenous people, or the Orang Asli in Malaysia, are at risk of being involved in the harmful use of alcohol and drugs, a result of being in a cycle of poverty with easy access to these substances. This project worked to create a sustainable and culturally appropriate education campaign to raise awareness of the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption and drug use on health and social wellbeing and also, to promote healthy lifestyles. The team worked alongside the Mah Meri of Pulau Carey to develop a campaign that engaged the local community in promoting this public health issue. The project also trained a group of health advisors from the community who will continue promoting healthy lifestyles within families in the village.

Impact Project 7: Power to the Children

Impact Area: Children’s Right

Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Host Organisation: SUKA Society (Persatuan Kebajikan Suara Kanak-Kanak)

Anupriya Kohli


Sorana Secasiu


Nataliia Kuzmina


SUKA Society


About the Impact Project:

Child labour, child abuse, and removing children from school are some examples of violations of children’s rights in Malaysia. Existing awareness campaigns mostly target high-level organisations or academics, leaving local communities unreached, especially those who are responsible for these violations. This project engaged with local children through creative arts workshops, before collecting materials to create content for an awareness booklet on children’s rights - made by the children. This publication compiles the perspectives and artwork of children, public opinion from the local community, as well as reflections on the engagement from the team members. The Host Organisation will continue the work of raising awareness about children’s rights using this publication and invite further participation to co-create more publications in the future that can bring light to these issues.

Impact Project 8: Birding

Impact Area: Biodiversity Mapping and Job Creation for Local Communities

Location: National Park Malaysia, Pahang

Host Organisation: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Jabatan PERHILITAN

About the Impact Project:

Important scientific data about birding in Malaysia has been collected by the Volunteering for International Biodiversity Experts (VIBE) Programme under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. This highly useful information is underused by tour guides and researchers in their studies and tourism initiatives. To improve communication, guides and/ or researchers will be offered interactive platforms and training so they can use the data in their work, while mainstream communication material will be made available for those lacking scientific expertise in order to improve their knowledge of birding in Malaysia. Better sharing of information will create memorable tourist experiences and enhance the understanding of Malaysia’s biodiversity.

Impact Project 9: ILMU (Instilling Learning for Malaysia Unity)

Impact Area: Education (Free Education for all and Knowledge Sharing)

Location: P157, First Floor, Menara PSC (Tropics), Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Host Organisation: LTT Global Communications

Feruz Rakhmankulov


Isabel Martinez


Nindya Pasaribu


Neow Ker Eong


Nur Deehan Baharuddin


About the Impact Project:

This project aims to encourage lifelong learning among Malaysians, and to empower them with the necessary online resources for education. Free learning resources will benefit children with poor access to education, single parents, or unemployed youth looking to upgrade their skills. This project built a free online learning platform (, with the aim of capturing knowledge created by Malaysians, improving access to educational resources in rural areas, and launching a national campaign to promote a knowledge-sharing culture. In addition, the team created a new channel – Malaysian Arts, Cultures and Heritage – documenting and preserving heritage, history, and tacit cultural knowledge. It is hoped that this project will forge better understanding amongst the many cultures and races in Malaysia.

Impact Project 10: My Tiffin

Impact Area: Youth Employment

Location: Block 7-2 Jalan 15/48A, Sentul Boulevard, Jalan Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur.

Host Organisation: Dignity for Children Foundation

Bailey Greenspon


Katherine Lam


Jorge Costi


Kenneth Hamilton


Natalie Tan Sook Ling


About the Impact Project:

This project addresses the problems faced by a group of 14-15 year olds who are at risk of leaving school with few skills and qualifications. By providing engaging vocational training, MyTiffin aimed to increase their self-esteem and employability, reducing the risk of the youth working in low-skilled or illegal jobs. This project trained young people in culinary skills, as well as business skills, culminating in a pilot project to serve healthy lunches to the Sentul business community. Some of the trained students have been hired by a food and beverage outlet which is managed by the Host Organisation.